About Us

About Us

NFL Hall of Famer Jan Stenerud

Our History

Founded in 1971 by NFL Hall of Famer Benny Friedman, Midwest Kicking is the longest-running instructional program for special teams players in the country. Midwest Kicking has been recognized for its innovative approach during more than four decades. It was the first camp to create a program for long snappers, the first to utilize videotaping and the first to combine both the physical and mental elements in the teaching of special teams skills. Over the years techniques and strategies in the kicking game have evolved and Midwest Kicking has stayed at the forefront through its quality staff. From Jan Stenerud, the most decorated kicker in NFL history, to Nate Kaeding and Alex Henery, the staff is unmatched in its experience and expertise.

Nate and Alex                                       

Former NFL standouts Nate Kaeding and Alex Henery

Camp Philosophy

The goal of Midwest Kicking is to help you reach your fullest potential. There is no rigid, single-minded way to approach these skills. Every athlete is different, and we want to cultivate and refine your style, so you can get the maximum from it. We want to help you eliminate bad habits that hamper your proficiency. Anybody can see whether a kick, punt or snap was good or not. The key is to know why and how you produced the result you did. If an athlete understands the fundamentals and biomechanics of a physical action, it is then possible to analyze what went wrong. Armed with this knowledge, you can correct the problem.

Achieving success depends upon natural ability to a degree, but ability can be greatly augmented by hard work. Mastering special teams skills requires dedicated practice to develop “muscle memory” that will result in your performance becoming automatic in a game.

e with a purpose.”

Who Is Eligible To Attend?

Athletes of all skill levels and ability may participate in the two-day camps.  The camps are open to college, high school and middle school kickers, punters and centers.  The range is typically from 12 to 21 years of age.

At each camp, participants are placed in instructional groups by grade and experience, and the instruction and drills are tailored accordingly.

Why Attend?

The camps provide a productive learning environment with a 7:1 coach-to-athlete ratio.  A key portion of the practice time is devoted to overall execution with kickers teaming up with centers and holders to develop timing and consistency.  Punters work with long snappers to get accustomed to fielding the deep snap, handling the ball and getting the punt off quickly and in rhythm.

We provide you with drills to utilize when practicing on your own in the off-season and with your team during the season.  Also, we want to assist you in setting reasonable and clearly defined goals that you can measure.  Setting goals can inspire, motivate and improve performance.

“Excellence is never an accident.”

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Camp Records

Longest Field Goal–60 yards….Caleb Shudak, junior, Lewis Central High School, Council Bluffs, IA, 2014; and Caleb Nielsen, senior, Waverly High School, Waverly, NE, 2016

Longest Field Goal (youth division)–45 yards…Sam Smith, freshman, McCook High School, McCook, NE, 2013

Kickoff Distance (college division)–82 yards…Alden Haffar, sophomore, Iowa Central Community College, 2012

Kickoff Distance (high school division)–78 yards…Brett Maher, senior, Kearney High School, Kearney, NE, 2007

Kickoff Distance (youth division)–61 yards…Zach Shudak, freshman, Lewis Central High School, Council Bluffs, IA, 2016

Kickoff Hang Time (college division)–4.26 seconds…Alden Haffar, Iowa Central Community College, 2012

Kickoff Hang Time (high school division)–4.10 seconds…Cruiser Nichols, senior, Smithville High School, Smithville, MO, 2007

Kickoff Hang Time (youth division)–3.71 seconds…Wyatt Ford, freshman, Montague High School, Montague, MI, 2010

Punt Distance–65 yards…Ethan Renner, senior, Crete High School, Crete, NE, 2011

Punt Distance (youth division)–49 yards…Bryan McLaughlin, freshman, Elkhorn High School, Elkhorn, NE, 2010

Punt Hang Time–4.73 seconds…Kirby Van Der Kamp, senior, Valley High School, West Des Moines, IA, 2009

Punt Hang Time (youth division)–3.96 seconds…Spencer Gaddis, freshman, Prairie High School, Cedar Rapids, IA, 2010

Caleb Shudak of the University of Iowa

Caleb Nielsen of Dakota State University 

2019 Camp Awards

Iowa City, Iowa Camp (June 19-20)

Outstanding Performance…..Chase Matyszczyk, sophomore, Kettle Moraine High School, Wales, WI

Most Improved Kicker…Emerson Bennett, sophomore, Liberty High School, North Liberty, IA

Most Improved Kicker (camp alumnus)….Ben Jaeger, junior, Hempstead High School, Dubuque, IA

Most Improved Punter…Jonah Dupont, 8th grade, Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids, IA

Longest FG …Chase Matyszczyk, sophomore, Kettle Moraine High School, Wales, WI (50 yards)

Longest FG (youth division)…Jaxson Kading, freshman, City High School, Iowa City, IA  (30 yards)

Punt Distance …Alex Cochrane, senior, Linn-Mar High School, Cedar Rapids, IA  (40 yards)

Punt Hang Time … Ryan O’Grady, sophomore, Providence Catholic High School, Lockport, IL (3.80 seconds)

Punt Distance (youth division)…Jonah Dupont, 8th grade, Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids, IA  (34 yards)

Punt Hang Time … Jonah Dupont, 8th grade, Taft Middle School, Cedar Rapids, IA (3.14 seconds)

Kickoff Hang Time…Ben Conrad, freshman, University of South Dakota, Cedar Rapids, IA  (3.78 seconds)

Kickoff Hang Time (youth division)…Mason Armstrong, freshman, Verona High School, Fitchburg, WI   (3.35 seconds)

Kickoff Distance … Jaffer Murphy, senior, Marion High School, Marion, IA  (69 yards)

Kickoff Distance (youth division)…Mason Armstrong freshman, Verona High School, Fitchburg, WI  (58 yards)

Kickoff Accuracy….Matthew Jetton, sophomore, West High School, Iowa City, IA

Kickoff Accuracy (youth division)….Luke Schrock, 8th grade, Solon Middle School, Ely, IA

Outstanding center/long snapper….Ben Hoeger, senior, Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids, IA

Chase Matyszczyk of Kettle Moraine (WI) High School

Omaha, Nebraska Camp (June 28-29)

Outstanding Performance…Kicking…Kelen Meyer, junior, Ord High School, Ord, NE

Most Improved Kicker…Breyer Menke, junior, Hastings High School, Hastings, NE

Most Improved Kicker (camp alumnus)….Spencer Hogeland, junior, Kearney Catholic High School, Kearney, NE and Sam Wilbur, junior, St. Albert Catholic High School, Council Bluffs, IA

Outstanding Performance…Punting….Jorey Sorenson, senior, Brandon Valley High School, Garretson, SD

Most Improved Punter…Alex Stogdill, junior, Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs, IA

Longest FG…Kelen Meyer, junior, Ord High School, Ord, NE (55 yards)

Longest FG (youth division)…Thomas McCabe, freshman, St. Pius X High School, Lincoln, NE  (37 yards)

Punt Distance …Alex Stogdill, junior, Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs, IA  (48 yards)

Punt Distance (youth division) …Luke Vandenberg, freshman, Skutt Catholic High School, Omaha, NE  (36 yards)

Punt Hang Time…Dylan Sikes, freshman, Northern State College, North Sioux City, SD (4.22 seconds)

Punt Hang Time (youth division) …Thomas McCabe, freshman, St. Pius X High School, Lincoln, NE  (3.16 seconds)

Kickoff Distance…Kelen Meyer, junior, Ord High School, Ord, NE  (73 yards)

Kickoff Distance (youth division)…Trevor Paulsen, freshman, Yankton High School, Yankton, SD  (51 yards)

Kickoff Hang Time …Jason Topete, junior, West Sioux High school, Hawarden, IA  (3.87 seconds)

Kickoff Hang Time (youth division)…Trevor Paulsen, freshman, Yankton High School, Yankton, SD (3.36 seconds)

Kickoff Accuracy…Caleb Nielsen, sophomore, Dakota State University, Walton, NE

Kickoff Accuracy (youth division)….Brady Carnell, 8th grade, Ponca Middle School, Ponca, NE

Jorey Sorenson of Brandon Valley (SD) High School with Alex Henery

West Des Moines (IA) Pre-Season Primer (August 10, 2019)

Skills Challenge winner…Carson Hanson, freshman, Johnston High School, Johnston, IA.  Runner-up….Aidan Feldman, senior Valley High School, West Des Moines, IA.

Carson Hanson of Johnston High School, Johnston (IA) with Alex Henery

Aidan Feldman of Valley High School, West Des Moines (IA) competing in the skills challenge.

News about Camp Participants and Staff

January 4, 2019….Camp alumnus and instructor Brett Maher compiled a successful rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys.  During 2018, Brett converted 29 of 36 field goal attempts, including a 62-yard effort.  He also made 32 of 33 extra points and had 52 touchbacks on 77 kickoffs. The Kearney, NE native was an all-Big Ten Conference performer in 2012 while at the University of Nebraska.

January 6, 2019…..Several Midwest Kicking Camp alumni had productive seasons at the collegiate level in 2018, including:

Miguel Recinos, senior kicker, University of Iowa

Field goals – 17 of 22

Kickoffs – 78 for 59.0 yard average

Colten Rastetter, junior punter, University of Iowa

Punts – 53 for 38.9 yard average

Chris Francis, senior kicker, Iowa State University

Kickoffs – 64 for 57.9 yard average

Isaac Armstrong, junior punter, University of Nebraska

Punts – 32 for 43.6 yard average

Austin Errthum, senior kicker, University of Northern Iowa

Field goals – 24 of 29

Kickoffs – 74 for 63.5 yard average with 47 touchbacks

Cole Hahn, redshirt freshman, Michigan State University

Kickoffs – 59 for 59.4 yard average

Luke Williams, freshman, Minnesota State University

Field goals – 0 for 1

Kickoffs – 15 for 50.0 yard average

Punts – 2 for 36 yard average